Thanks to all the wonderful people who have taken JungleKatz "babies" into their families! Here are a few of our cats and the very special people they own:


Hi Bonnie,


Thought you'd like to know that we are really enjoying Cheeto. She gets along great with Sonny, our dog and Chili our other cat is very mothering to her. She's constantly grooming her and playing with her. I sent along a picture. More later.


Keri and Taylor
Santa Cruz, CA





Pharaoh is doing fine. He is obsessed with water and every time
we run water at the kitchen sink or go to the restroom he is right there
with us watching and playing with the water! My husband just loves him,
even though he probably wouldn't admit it. Bill is always talking to him and
Pharaoh chooses to sit or lay next to Bill when he is available...Pharaoh
is very attached to Kelsey and EVERY morning when she gets up Kelsey
says..."Honey, where are you? "Pharaoh jumps up on her bed and gives her
kisses on her cheek. It is so sweet. He sleeps under her bed. Our next door
neighbor boy, who is 5, comes over to play with Pharaoh. We have a fishing
pole toy with a string and feathers at the end that Pharaoh jumps up in the
air for and does flips!

Evansville, IN



Hi Bonnie!

Thanks for the great Christmas card! I've got it up on the refrigerator.

I'm sending you pictures from the weekend. As you can see, Mazarati
assisted me in putting up the Christmas tree, which quite tuckered him out.
But he is very proud of his accomplishment. Bubba (our Somali) was very impressed with
Maz's work, and gave Maz a kiss. Maz then went to sleep in his little tent
(which is a tight squeeze for so big a kitten).

As you can also see,
Maz and Jim are becoming great buds. Mazarati adores
Jim. He's also
great fun to play with!

Kent, WA




Bonnie, Kasheba was at the vet's office last week for her rabies shot and a booster
shot . . . and everyone is so enamored with her . . . the nurse wants me to
pass your name on to her after her 15 year old cat dies . . . the
receptionist asked me to bring in a photo of Kasheba so they could display
it in their lobby . . . and the vet's wife made a stocking for her with her
name spelled out in glitter on it!!

Are you planning to breed her Mother and Father again? If so, can I have
first pick of the litter? My sister is also interested one of the kittens!

Kim, Wisconsin




We're delighted with our new family member. Nala seems to have fully adjusted to her new home, though she is still finding new places and things to explore. She is very social and is enjoying all the attention she is receiving. She is certainly full of energy and loves to play.

Dennis and Maria
Orinda, CA





Hi Bonnie,
Just an update to say we're having a great time with Tera (JungleKatz Pantera) - and I think she is, too! She seems to spend so much time in the air that Debbie has
decided that there must be some Rocky the Flying Squirrel in her bloodline
to go along with the Asian Leopard Cat. She also has quite a
with water
, as the attached pictures will show.
Thanks again and hope all is well with you.

Debbie and Ralph
Pacifica, CA





Hi Bonnie,
Just wanted to give you an update on Kobe. He is doing great and absolutely loves having a buddy to terrorize, snuggle and play with...
he is awesome and quite the snuggler at night- I always wake up to him either snuggled by my face or nestled in the armpit of our 100 lb mutt- He loves to be close and warm (opposite of our British) Anyway he's great and is doing great and loves his new home- I recv'd my Bengal book yest- and noticed that there were pic's of two of his ancestors which was cool-
take care,
Los Angeles, California

People always ask if Bengals get along with dogs. Click HERE to see Kobe and his dog pal Kaya!



Dear Bonnie,
Rocky is doing better and better, and he is absolutely an amazing cat. On Sunday, he spent all day in his little crawl space in the wall. Then, about6:30 pm, he emerged. I treated him to half a can of wet food and I was suddenly his best friend. He chased his favorite ball all over the house and wanted to be brushed and petted and loved. We took him to the vet to be checked out. He said Rocky is
in excellent shape, and he also said he was
"one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen, and I do see bengals in here occasionally." Also, Will who never liked cats and for whom it took two years of convincing to get a cat is now a comfirmed cat fan and even working on a cat book --thanks to Rocky! And, Rocky has remembered how to fetch and we are having a great time with that. Thanks for sending us the best cat in the world!

Eva and Will
San Francisco, CA


Hi Bonnie,

Blondie is the sweetest cat. He makes his bed at the foot of ours and wakes us up by
playing with the shades. He will follow you where ever you go and if
people are visiting he makes sure he is the first one to greet them. He
has a
great personality. I am so glad he ended up in our home.
Pleasanton, California




Just wanted to let you know that Simba and Kahlua are doing great! They were checked by my vet, who said that they are very healthy, happy, beautiful....and "very well socialized". They've fit right into our household ...though I must admit, things are pretty lively when they're both awake and in a playful mood. <grin> They're eating well and it only took a short time to get over the trauma of moving to a new home. I'm glad they have each other for comfort and support...they snuggle together a lot. We've found that Kahlua loves water..climbed in the sink this morning after a toy...didn't mind the large amount of water pouring from the faucet onto his head. Right now they're exploring my studio (which I've kept them out of until now)...cones of yarn, piles of magazines, measuring tapes....they love it!

Grass Valley, CA


Hi Bonnie,

The cats are doing absolutely wonderful! At first Arabella was really shy and she hated the little guy (who's name is now Dave, because he is such a goofy guy) for the first couple days. Now they are loving each other. They tackle each other and chase a lot. They haven't had a problem sharing food, litter, or water yet. They both love to be outside on the deck with the harness, they try to climb up to the second level deck up the posts. They both love taking turns sleeping in our beds too.

Chris & Sam
Marin County, CA



Hi Bonnie,
Just an update on Sundari. She is the most wonderful animal.
She gives us pleasure 100% of the time. She is extremely well mannered and loving, has never made a mistake (potty wise), never sharpens her claws on the furniture but eats like a horse. We could not have asked for a better pet. Thank you so much for her, Bonnie. She now weighs 11 lbs., asks to be brushed every morning and evening, talks a lot and glitters in the sunlight; a "beautiful girl".
Ralph & Linda, Texas

Dear Bonnie and family,
Leroy is "The Man". With our Rottie (dog) "Jessie", he rules a tight ship. Tigger, as you all know is one of the guys. When the two boys first came to our house, our old cat "Spice" adopted Tigger. He's her special boy. She looks out for his welfare and grooms him. Tigger plays with our two younger female cats when he isn't napping with Spice. Leroy hangs out with the dogs.
He enjoys everyone's company. In fact, he demands attention from everyone who walks in the front door. Leroy is very special!
Bruce and Mona, Massachusett


Hi Bonnie,
The kitten (Dahlia) is great - so
sweet and fun. Thank you very much! She's doing really well and seemed completely fine with her new environment right off the bat. She is VERY confident. Halo, my Tonk kitten, is finding her
quite intimidating. At first she wouldn't let him play with any of his toys. Anytime he started playing she'd run over and grab his toy from him and then scare him away. Today Halo appears to be getting a bit of confidence and they are playing together some. Thanks again!

Seattle, Washington




Hi Bonnie,

Just wanted to let you know Cosmo arrived safely and is doing very well. He's one friendly cat; he's already been rolling on his back while we've scritched his belly. He's relaxing and sniffing his new territory. We love his coloration and personality! Cosmo has settled in remarkably well and is getting along good with the cockers (dogs). Wendy and I are very pleased and will keep you updated
periodically. Thanks for Cosmo.

Ken & Wendy, Illinois



Dear Bonnie,

It was great meeting you and all your wonderful Bengals...but getting to
take one home to live with us was even better. Glory has been sleeping with
us since her first night in our house. We have never had a cat that was so
loving, friendly, and playful right off the bat like this.
The kids are as
crazy about her as we are!
We're keeping her in our bedroom until we're
ready to introduce her to our other two cats, but she's rarely alone
because we all seem to find many excuses to go in there, play with her, and
kiss the soft fur on her adorable head :-)

Tonight she demonstrated a really cute behavior...covering her eyes with
her paws, so that she looks like the "see no evil" monkey! We all had to
cover our mouths so we didn't laugh our heads off and embrarrass her. And
she looks so regal with her paws tucked under her, in that special way she
sits. What a lady...and yet she's always ready to chase a "furry mouse" or
peacock feather at the drop of a hat! Did I mention how beautiful she is?

Thanks again,
David and Susan
Rescue, California



Dear Bonnie,

Thought you would like to see a recent picture of Enchantress. She is doing great and is a very active cat with lots of affection. Loves to talk, play and is very attached to me. She follows me around constantly. Hope all is well with you.

Oakland, CA






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