June 2008

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have taken JungleKatz "babies" into their families! Here are a few of our cats and the very special people they own:




Hey Bonnie,

It's been over a month since we got Yoshi-cat, and thought I'd give you an update... :) He's a really sweet cat, got adjusted with us quite fast - in fact, that very evening he was out from underneath the bed playing with "da bird," one of the toys we got for him.
He does jumps and back flips, just like you know him... He talks a lot, wants a world of attention, always ready to play!

Here are some pictures of him in our house.

Hope you and all the other kittens are doing well. - loredana

Hi Bonnie,

The cats are great.  They love each other and get along great with our 8 month old puppy.  Clio (the Mirage female) looks a lot like her Mom, and she has a very sweet, loving temperment.  She tries to mother all the other animals.  Cassius is well-named as he is fairly assertive and getting big (he's almost 12 lbs).  He is very friendly and is the instigator and trouble maker.  His latest game is to climb on shelves and drop things down (like packages of treats) to the dog and get her to rip them open.  Then all three of them dig in.
Here is a recent picture of the two taking a little siesta (with the puppy, "Izzy").
We love our bengals!!
- Suzanne and Jeff

March 2008 update: Hi Bonnie! Here is Cassius (out of Leopardess and Mr. T) , at about 10
months. He is now famous on YouTube with his "sister" Izzy.

Here is the youtube video CLICK THIS LINK
Bengal "Cassius" with his Canine sister" Izzy" - VERY CUTE!!

p.s. It's interesting that when I looked up other cats on treadmills, most of them were bengals!! Enjoy! - Suzanne


Suni is so funny as he follows me all around the
house. I've been surprised as the last couple days
he's even fallen asleep on my lap for an hour or so as
I've been working on the computer. He is absolutely
I'm so happy with the little guy I'd like to get
another cat from you if it's possible. Is his sister
still available or is she already spoken for?
I hope everything is going well!


A few weeks later:
This little girl is such a sweetheart! I'm amazed at
how graceful she is and how happy she is.
Suni had definitely gotten used to being an only cat
even if only for a month. lol. He wasn't too happy at
first to see her. She was so happy to see another cat
she'd be rolling around while Suni would just stare at
her through a crack in the door and growl. She didn't
understand why Suni didn't seem too playful at first.
They've acquainted remarkably fast and now play
together and sleep next to each other. Mike

Happy New Year!

Apolo is doing great....he has grown into quite the little man and is so loving and sweet.  He is my shadow.  Every morning when I get up he is right there with me to make sure I am not alone and to remind me that it is treat time! 
Meh (the dog) is doing great too!  He and Apolo love each other.  They play together ALL the time.  Apolo thinks he is a dog so that doesn't help much either!:)  But Meh is the man of the house.  The ruler of the toys!
 <---funny one!
Enjoy! -Steph





Hi Bonnie,

I was just at your website and all those kittens are beautiful.  I wish we had room for just one more! 
Anyway, I wanted to send you an updated picture of  Stella.  She really is a stunning cat.  We actually had a friend over a few days ago and Stella was sitting on his lap.  He was amazed with how soft her coat was. 
He said he had never felt a cat like that before.  As you can see in the picture, she has gained a little weight.  Erik and I are making an effort to play with her more so she can get some more exercise.  I wish we could get a cat wheel like you!  If you have any suggestions, that would be nice too.  Well, enjoy the pictures!  And keep up the good work! 

Hi Bonnie,


The kittens are doing great, They are full of vim and vigor with healthy appetites, especially Rishi. He now has to be where the action is, on the sink watching what's being prepared for dinner, etc. A neighbor came over with her 2 year old daughter. Both cats were very gentle with her and not all shy :-) -Sam and Bart

<----Ravi and Visla dog "Dylan"




Hi Bonnie and Tracy(Goldenstar),
Tantor and Rigel are quickly approaching their first birthday, and we just couldn't be happier.  They are quite a pair, and still love playtime as much (if not more) as they did when kittens!  Their personalities are so very compatible, and the novelty that they are actually cousins still hasn't worn off for me.
JungleKatz Rigel:
Best Regards,

Hi, Bonnie--
We had our first trip to Incline this weekend!!  The kitties love the condo there, all the stairs, etc.  Getting them into their carrier was a good challenge for me--am thinking maybe I should take one at a time to Incline, instead of all three.  Any suggestions on how to get them into the carrier without an uproar??  The ride to and from was not too bad--they spent time on the shelf and talked with me at times, even sang along with me and the radio once!!
Pic is on the top level of the cat tree in Incline.  Have new names for the little ones--Blonde is now Jewel O'Denial and Dagwood is now Raider of the Lost Arc--seemed more fitting for their heritage.  Am calling Leopardess, Dessi--she let's me pet her and she has a loud purr which I truly enjoy.  The kittens are becoming more tolerant of my attempts at affection; Jewel is more willing than Raider at this point.  The two little ones are so bonded to each other--they sleep together most of the time (more pics follow).
Hope all is well with you and your newest litters--must be a challenge to try to keep them cool in this heat!!


Hi Bonnie:
The girls are great. Kali has really made her self at home even plays and sleeps with our dog. Rommel 125# lab/pit big baby.


Gotta run for now. Chat soon.


Hi Bonnie,
We got home safe and sound.  Thank you again for choosing us , we are so very happy to have her (Suki).  So far she is pretty shy and just lays on us and burrows herself into our side, but slowly I am sure she will adjust.  I will keep the other animals away from her until her confidence returns.  Thank you again!  I will continue to keep you posted on her well being.  I wish we would have had more time to chat.  I truly enjoyed your company.  I would have liked to see the kittens and the horses!  You have a beautiful place.
best regards,





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