JungleKatz Bengals and Savannahs: More Information

2013 Pricing:

Prices subject to change as kittens mature (if not reserved already) and may also go above or below listed pricing in certain situations.

*7.25% CA sales tax applies to CA residents or cats/kittens picked up in CA

*Kittens sold as pets or show alters are spayed/neutered prior to leaving our home.

*Breeder cats/kittens will be offered to approved breeder programs only. 

*Cats/kittens will be offered to individuals, no brokers please.

Shipping Rates:

Shipping within the Continental U.S. : Prices vary based on weight and size of  shipping kennel and cat/kitten. Costs include,  airline shipping cost, veterinarian Health Certificate/exam, Rabies vaccine and shipping crate. Prices have gone up this year so at this time, I am giving price estimates in a case by case basis.

International Shipping: We use Pet Express for International shipments. Pricing varies and includes US Export fees, import requirements, etc.

Deposit Rates:

Note: Deposit amounts are deducted from the purchase price. Deposits are not refundable, but may be transferred to another JungleKatz kitten/cat.

$250.00 deposit for pet or show alter Bengal kittens.

$500.00 deposit for breeder and show/breeder Bengal kittens and all Savannah kittens.

Note: 50% non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit required on kittens shipping Internationally. We hold an export license for international shipping and will ship F5 and beyond cats, however please understand that shipping internationally is very expensive and time consuming.

Feeding our kittens:

We feed premium “Taste of the Wild” dry food, along with home-cooked chicken, premium canned foods and "Kitty Bloom" Vitamins.


Kitty Bloom Vitamins


Extended Family:

See what owners have to say about their JungleKatz Babies



Upon approval of your request to reserve a kitten,  we Accept On-Line Kitten Deposits via Paypal or by snail mail.

Our Paypal account is "btanner@jkbengalcats".

(Please add $3.50 fee per $100.00 sent to help cover Paypal charges)

Where we are:

JungleKatz Bengals is located in Lincoln, CA.

30 miles N.E. of Sacramento CA, minutes off Interstate 80.

We're +/- 2 hours West of Reno,

2.5 hours East of the Bay Area.

Please email Bonnie for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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F3 * $1500 - $2500 
F4 *  $900- $2000  

  F3*  $2000 - $3500
F4* $1500 - $3000


* $650 - $1500

  * $1500 - $3000