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Breeding Quality Cats in Northern California since 1998

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Welcome to JungleKatz Bengals and Savannah Cats ! We are a small cattery dedicated to producing beautiful happy, healthy kittens who will fit into almost any family. Having bred top National Champion Spanish Andalusian horses for 20 years, we have used the same careful selection process in choosing our breeding cats that we did when selecting our National Champion producing mares and stallions. Our goal is to produce friendly, outgoing cats with wild head and body type as well as exotic, rosetted patterns and beautiful glittered, pelted coats. We test all our breeding cats for HCM and our cats have been tested free of Trichomonas Foetus and FeLV/FIV. Due to the recent discovery of PK-deficiency in the Bengal breed, we are now testing for this as well. Our cats and kittens receive excellent veterinary care and live in a very clean, homey environment. They are fed premium brand name cat food and each cat is evaluated daily for possible changes in needs. In addition, we spend many hours of quality "play time" with our cats. Our kittens are very well socialized and adapt well to their new homes. We also attend TICA cat shows in order to rate our breeding program's progress and also to help educate the public about the wonderful Bengal breed. We really do love our cats and love to show them off!



BelleHollow Elektra of JungleKatz, F2 Savannah Female

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We feed grain free "Taste of the Wild" dry food and Innova Canned plus home cooked chicken. We offer a free Kitten care pack with each kitten. This pack includes a kitten care book, emergency pamphlet, your kitten's health records, baby photos CD, kitten toy, Pedigree and TICA registration papers, plus a sample of Taste of The Wild

Question: Do Bengals get along with dogs and other cat breeds?

Answer: See below. A picture says a thousand words


  JungleKatz Cheetoh and her buddies

  Lily and her buddies

Here's a very funny video of a JungleKatz kitten and his dog pal!

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  JungleKatz Bengals

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