Month: December 2017

Brazilian Shorthair breed has a nice temperament.

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Brazilian  with short hair (Brazilian Shorthair) dates from the mid `80 having its origins on the streets of Brazil. It seems that the cat was brought to Brazil by the  European colonists. This race is not yet formally recognized by all organizations who accredit a breed profile, its recognition of the fact came when the […]

Chartreux is a powerful breed.

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This race, of French origin, is considered as one of the oldest breeds breed in Europe, is quoted as early as the sixteenth century .The of  this breed comes from the Grand Chartreuse monastery in the Alps, where is risen with much attention by the monks of this facility. Morphological traits. Robust and powerful breed, […]

American Shorthair – breed of very healthy cats.

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American Short-Hair Cat or American with short hair that descended from European cats were brought to the New World by immigrants, after the conquest of the  “saint” earth  and selected  in the new conditions to obtain the current form. The beauty and loving nature of these cats came to be widely appreciated, as well as […]