Month: August 2018

Bombay breed – cats like a black panther

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Bombay cat may look like a miniature black panther, but the cat is completely domesticated. A relatively rare breed,  Bombay cat breeders  is very popular due to its external appearance and submissive personality. Black and insightful brown eyes, this breed combines the appearance and personality with  black color  American Burmese uniform short hair, the  black […]

Singapura breed love people

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As the name suggests, Singapura is from Singapore, place where ancestors of this breed had a reputation for cats “channel”, diverting much of their life especially through channels. Singapura is, officially, the smallest breed of cat in the world, although some males can reach and the size of a Burma. Singapura cats are believed to […]

Children and cats

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If  you have  small children you have to explain them that cat is not a play and can it shows. Contact between child and cat is different than between dog. Cats if they are in stalemate  can scratch . Child should be aware of this fact.  If someone wear cat in clothes, pull tail and […]