American Bobtail breed with small tail.

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American Bobtail breed with small tail.American Bobtail a cat that can be robust and timid than any other breed of cat as it is found in the chilling weather of Alaska and can afford to live in places with mild climates. It has been often witnessed in many cases that human often look for things in places where they are likely not going to find them but if you are looking for a cat with traits that are similar to dogs then American Bobtail is the right choice; it has been termed affectionately by many as dogs in cats clothing. Because if trained properly then they behave exactly like dogs; though they go also well along with dogs but they can be thought to fetch things and can play throw fetch either. They have been reported to be very good companions while traveling as if trained properly since childhood. They also greet you up on your entrance to the house just like dogs do. They are also not afraid of water.American Bobtail breed with small tail.

As the name indicates the most fascinating feature of this breed of cat is the thick “bobbed” tail which is about one-third or one-half the length of a normal cat’s tail and if this is ever found shorter; then it should be made sure that if the cat has short spine, then it may become a problem later. American Bobtail was developed with the cross between domestic Tabby cat and a Bobcat though its thick and short tail comes from the Tabby cat. Bobtail’s unusual tail is the result of a random spontaneous genetic mutation within the domestic cat population. Unlike other cat breeds it takes more time to grow. But once it grows into its full bloom with its long body, broad chest and the posture that it has with the shorter fore legs, large round feet and toe tuft make it a sight to behold. The longhair American Bobtail has a coat that is slight shaggy and medium to long in length. The body is long with a full broad chest with wide hips that are slightly higher with defined shoulder blades which highlights its muscular look. Another very interesting feature of this cat is that it comes in any American Bobtail breed with small tail.color and it eyes too but mainly yellow, green, gold and copper, blue in bi-color/van or odd-eyed in white.

It is very social and get along very well with any member of the family and especially with kids as they like handling and are very fond of being getting hold in lap. They are very lively and can stay active for hours, though they may take some time in getting used to the new environment and the knowing the people around them but once that button is pressed it unleashes its intelligent side and take away hearts with a drop of a hat. But one thing that is very important to know is that they are very prone to diseases because of the constant genetic experimentation and the cross breeding that ultimately led to the creation of this breed; leas and ticks can cause skin problems in these cats, other problems reported in American Bobtail are hip dysphasia, dry skin or dermatitis. But over all they are very adorable.

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