American Curl – cat’s breed with bent ears

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American Curl breed is famous especially for his bent ears , which are the result of spontaneous mutations. Ears are American Curl – cat’s breed with bent earsstraight and open, bending through the back, in a graceful curve, opposite to the  Scottish Fold cats, which are bowed and bent toward the front. The ears give the breed an alert and cheerful look.

American Curl breed history begins in a sunny day of June 1981, in Lakewood, California. A black female with long hair and silky, with some unusual ears, appeared at the door of Joe and Grace Ruga. Joe Grace encouraged her not to feed the cat, but the woman, listening to her heart, left a bowl of cat food next to the doorway.  The black and affectionate cat  quickly made its way into the heart of the family, who called  it Shulamith, which means “black but pleasant”.

In December 1981, Shulamith gave birth to her first offspring. Of four kittens, two had their ears bent. He was contacted a geneticist to study this phenomenon, confirming that this unusual ear is the result of genetic mutations, most likely inherited, caused by a dominant gene, and strains without attachments. Referring to it as a spontaneous mutation, the gene that caused the bending ear seemed to follow a single dominant pattern.

Inbreeding began in 1983. The stAmerican Curl – cat’s breed with bent earsandard of this breed is a medium-sized cat, alert, with an elegant aspect and a sweet expression, open, filled his ears remarkable. Because of his domestic ancestors, American Curl therapy is available both in the long hair, and in one with short hair, both varieties with a soft fur, silky, shiny and attached to the body. breed with long hair is different because of the very bushy tail. The  care of this breed is easily done. An occasional bath and brushing is all that one needs for these cats to maintain coat in good condition.

Morphological traits

The distinctive feature of this breed it  is the unique ear shape. The ears are quite stiff to the touch, high and open, bending the light in an arch. American Curl breed ears were compared with those of Lynx’s, with long tufts of hair accentuating the appearance of bending the ears. Great care must be taken handling the ears to avoid breaking  the cartilage.

When they are born, their ears are straight, but within 3-4 days after birth, the ears start to bend back. In the first  4 months of life, kittens ears gradually bend in different degrees, ranging up when determining the final shape at the age of 4 months. Around this age, professional can determine the quality cat breeder, based on the degree of bending of the ears, correlated with body type.

Character and behaviorAmerican Curl – cat’s breed with bent ears

In terms of personality, American Curl breed is very people oriented, loyal and affectionate. Being a nosy and curious temperament,  they assist their human companions in any action that those are  planning to do.

American Curl loves human company and adapt very quickly to any other animals, children or new situations. Although cats are considered to be smart, they keep the kitten behavior even on adulthood.


Besides the fact that they are available with short fur  and the long fur varieties, the cats of breed American Curl can be any color or coat pattern. The eyes can have a whole range of colors.

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