American Shorthair – breed of very healthy cats.

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American Short-Hair Cat or American with short hair that descended from European cats were brought to the New American Shorthair – breed of very healthy cats.World by immigrants, after the conquest of the  “saint” earth  and selected  in the new conditions to obtain the current form. The beauty and loving nature of these cats came to be widely appreciated, as well as their ability to catch rats.

A cat belonging to this breed came to be offered for sale at the second annual exhibition at Madison Square Garden, in 1896, for fabulous sum of 2,500 dollars!

In the early twentieth century, the U.S. imported foreign breeds (breeds with long hair),which were crossed with native cats with short hair, producing kittens with different types of fur, colors and temperaments. Those who wanted to keep North American cats with short hair have acquired the best examples of the breed, which they began to selectively mate them, to keep American Shorthair – breed of very healthy cats.their conformation, temperament and expressive figure, American Shorthair, as we know it today. FCA recognized the breed in 1906, being one of the first five races recorded in this Association. Known originally as “short-haired domestic cat, the breed was renamed in 1966, receiving the name of American Shorthair, that suggests more than its specific character and which distinguish American from all other breeds with short hair. This name emphasizes, at the same time, the idea that North American cat with short hair is clearly different from specimens that are found on the street.

Of pure chance, a cat with short hair and no pedigree may resemble an American Shorthair, as other breeds may have similar characteristics with Siamese cats, Persians or other cats. The difference, however, is that a cat with pedigree can consistently produce kittens with the same physical conformation, the same as the coat and the same temper, this thing doesn’t happen  common  cats. Years of inbreeding and careful recording of many generations of cats guarantees that each set of kittens will have certain qualities.

These beautiful cats have not only a great look , they are also healthy, tough and full of affection. Males have a waist larger than females, weighing between 5 and 7 kilograms at maturity. Female adults  weighing between 3.5 and 5.5 kilograms.

Morphological traits.

American Short-Hair looks at the  first sight with its  ancestor of which is distinguished primarily by a more robust American Shorthair – breed of very healthy cats.format.

The breed is characterized by proportioned developed  triangular head, large enough, with good ears forward and their rounded shape tips .The width is equal to the  base . The eyes are  well developed, large and expressive, in harmony with the color of the coat.

Body, medium-sized, well dressed in muscles, supported on the limbs relatively long, but strong. The chest is broad, well-dressed in muscle, long neck and well supported .The tail a bit long, thins at the base. The hair covering the body is short, thick and often with fine medium, but bright and slightly away from the body .The colors are many and of which we can mention: white, black, gray-blue, beige, red, tabby, cameo etc..

Character and behavior.

Short-Hair breed is characterized by the same temperament and the same traits as those encountered in European cats.Very  intelligent and human attached, it ask for much movement,  so you have to provide an open space..

Resistant and less pretentious, very easy to accommodate with the conditions on which we offer, but at the same time, we should  respect her independence, which sometimes need .Its good to be left outside very often because otherwise with the first chance can escape.

Varieties .

Like the European cats, we can meet many varieties, which differ mainly in color and other morphological traits. Depending on color, we can meet  one color cats , bi-and tricolor, with different designs or spots.

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