American Wirehair – very courageous cat’s breed.

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American Wirehair – very courageous cat’s breed.Coarse-haired cats have appeared in many countries, but only a few breeders have been busy selecting and improving them. Born from a spontaneous mutation of American short hair cat, cat breed is an American with coarse texture characterized by coat: wavy hair with the ends bent inwards or hook shaped. This mutation has occurred naturally during the pregnancy of an American short hair cat born in 1967 in New York. Solid cat, vigorous and full of life, American cat with coarse hair is then recognized by Cat Fanciers’ Association and the American Livre Officiel des origines des  felines in France. It is still almost unknown in Europe.

Morphological traits.

It is different from the basis of the race, primarily through hair , which is coarse and wiry all over the bodAmerican Wirehair – very courageous cat’s breed.y. Sub morphology, are characterized by a relatively round head, her cheeks and nose are convex and easy prominent. The ears are small and easy sharpened .The eyes are very bright and sharp according to coat.

Body, medium-sized, slightly robust, well dressed and solid balanced . Harmonious muscles are  supported by relatively strong and powerful limbs, the muscles are firm and  the claws very strong. At  this breed, the males are well developed compared with females so that they can easily differentiate. The tail is quite long and thin..The hair covering the entire body is curly, medium length, elastic and away from the body. It has  the  aspect of an animal emerging from the hairdresser..In the head,  on the back and the flanks,  the hair is more sharply and more corrugated than the rest of the body. The standard gives the highest importance to this breed, to the hair quality and less to the other traits. The colors allowed for this American race with coarse hair are commoAmerican Wirehair – very courageous cat’s breed.n with the American  short hair cat.

Character and behavior.

A very nice cat, which is characterized by an unusual curiosity, always searching through every room and corner of the house very well possible to search for new things to do .She is  respected by all the animals that surrounds her, being very courageous .She attaches very strong  to  the master, but she doesn’t  refuses any other company .She is very resistant, she adapts well to  the life in an apartment, but not refuse to live in the open, whenever she have this chance . A good advice so that the hair  remains always curly, it requires to the master to often give a few minutes to combed and brushed, which will keep the animal in condition.


And in this race there are many varieties, differentiated by color, but also by the length and degree of crimping of the hair.

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