Animal shelter – help or adjudication?

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Some people think that animal shelter is place which is similar to rest place. Cats have a good care, shelter and calm. Sometimes it is truth. There are some animals shelters, where cats and dogs  are treated worthily and people who work there treat  with regard and sweetheart.Animal shelter – help or adjudication?

Unfortunately, above mentioned places are not frequent. Almost animal shelters fight against shortage of money, animals redundancy and location conditions. Crowd cause stress and illnesses. Animals which are sick need to visit a vet and take drugs. But there is no money for it. Despite of good willingness of workers and  volunteers only basic things are contented.

What is sad there are also animal shelters where working people are indifferent to animal prejudice. Cats are not treated like living beings. Cats sleep in own excrements.  Depends on personel treatment  ill cats are asleep. Almost cats in animal shelters are left by owners. Reasons why people decide to leave cat are different : cat’s duty, owner’s allergy, child is born, cat is ill and other. If you really must give back your cat it is better to ask your friends and family. Find home for your cat. Animal shelter can be a  adjudication. Prepare advertisements and put in different places. Maybe someone is looking for a cat.

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