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Devon Rex breed – face with curly fur.

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Devon Rex breed comes  from a cat with  curly  fur , found in 1960 by Beryl Cox, in Devon, England. He  observed that a  street cat  gave birth to a kitten with a weird look and wavy fur, whose father apparently was a cat with the same kind of coat that made his century in […]

Havana Brown – very playful breed

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The origin of this cat is British and came after 1950 from a mating of conjoined twins and  European cat. It is one  of the  cat breeds in fast growing field because of its color, similar to a Cuban cigars. The first thing to notice about this cat it is its shiny  coat, mahogany-colored. Another […]

Birman breed is known for disciplinary temperament

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Birman have a very robust attitude and they are very endurable. That a lot has to do with the myth that has been associated with it that a lot has to do with the place it originates from Burma; Birman cats are tagged as sacred companion of the Kittah priests the temple of Lao-Tsun. One […]

Hearing and seeing of a cat

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Seeing Cat is able to see in the night six times better then a human. Their range of seeing is definitely higher then human one and is equal to 285 degrees, comparing to 210 degrees in human eye. Cats are able to see very sharp even in poor light, but on the other side humans […]

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Kurilian Bobtail breed – love to be spoiled

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Top representatives of the breed Kurilian Bobtail appeared in exhibitions for the first time in 1990. At that time many experts believed that  the curious cats are  just an imitation of the famous Japanese Bobtail. Nothing  its not known  today  if the two races have something in common genetically, in addition to short and bushy […]

Histories with happy end

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History about cat in washing-machine It is  history with cat in a main role. Cat thought that opening washing-machine is a good place to sleep. Cat slept all night in the washing-machine, despite of fact that owner threw  dirty clothes there. In the morning owner’s son turned on washing-machine. He set up program on the […]

Travelling with cat.

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There is also domestic method, which is helpful to care about your cat’s teeth and prevent deferment dental deposits . Sometimes we can give our puppie beef, cutted on bigger cubes. Our cat must bite meat accurately before swollow. Are you going to spend your holiday outside home? Don’t you know what to do with […]

Cat’s breed with big eyes – Exotic Shorthair

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Exotic Shorthair is a breed created by humans., Around 1960 and was approved in America only since 1984, with numerous crosses made by breeders between the  Persian race  cats and other breeds with short hair and Russian Blue, British Shorthair etc.. During the evolution of new breeds, the kittens were chosen corresponding to the Persian […]