Balinese breed is known for long tail.

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The name as it is showcases the sheer grace that it caries in its persona; the attraction and the beauty thatBalinese breed is known for long tail. it has earns it the name similar to Balinese Dancers that is why called Balinese. Though they are very similar in color and other feature to Siamese but they don’t inherit the hyper attitude which makes them very subtle and adaptive. They are very affectionate creatures and once they are in the house then the house doesn’t belong to you; they simply own it then. They go along with other animals very well especially suitable for those who have dogs at their house; they go along very well with dogs. It is developed with the cross breeding of Oriental Cat with Siamese. The longhair it inherits from oriental cat and the marking on its heads and ears comes from Siamese. Siamese are known for their hyper nature and their very talkative though Balinese have adopted that trait but as compared to their ancestors they are less talkative. They have tall legs and long body which makes them look very good; though they are not that big Balinese breed is known for long the diameter therefore it makes them very playful and active. Balinese are famous for their long, plume tail though there is a wide variety of traditional colors like blue, chocolate, lilac, seal and lynx. The maintenance of Balinese is very easy and its silky, single coat lying close to the body, with hair length of half inch to two inches does not requires frequent brushing but they love being brushed and the most astonishing factor is that they hardly shed in fact 90-95% not shedding.

Balinese are very family oriented they go along very well with the environment in the house and are very timid as they can be carried out to travel with you even If it’s a 10 hour long drive. They are very talkative; this is a trait very similar to Siamese in fact this is where Balinese inherited it from actually but they don’t haveBalinese breed is known for long tail. a sharp voice like Siamese have. They like to seek the attention of those who are often around them and this is a tool that Balinese always use to seek attention as they like some activity going around them because they are full of affection and are very loveable. They always like to hang around people and when they sense that you want to be alone for a while or you go to sleep they will wait for the moment when it can sit back onto your lap they are very active and alert as well they recognize people and in case of the arrival of any stranger or new person into the house they are going to make you aware of their presence. It costs $500 to $600 and can live up to 12-15 years. Almost no shedding, startling loyalty, dog like attitude and a plus of talkative feature makes it one of the sought out cat breed.

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