Birman breed is known for disciplinary temperament

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Birman breed is known for disciplinary temperamentBirman have a very robust attitude and they are very endurable. That a lot has to do with the myth that has been associated with it that a lot has to do with the place it originates from Burma; Birman cats are tagged as sacred companion of the Kittah priests the temple of Lao-Tsun. One day, when the temple was attacked and Mun-Ha was killed, Sinh placed his feet on his master and faced the goddess. While the white fur got a golden tint to it, his eyes turned blue, as the goddess and the legs and tail that were touching the ground turned into the shade of the earthy color. However, the paws that were on top of the priest remained white. It is astonishing to notice that still Birman cats have fingers and toes that are in pure white color regardless of what other color they have for the rest of the body. Birman is a large, strongly built, elongated and stocky cat, they are a natural breed. In comparison to the other cat types, Birman have long, silkyBirman breed is known for disciplinary temperament hair with a semi-cobby body. All Birman Cats are born white its color starts developing only after a week or two weeks. While in the first week, Birman Cats have dark color, it is only after two weeks that they have clearer color. They have beautiful deep blue eyes which is also associated with the myth of Lao-Tsun temple; where the goddess in that temple said to have had blue eyes and presided over the journey of the souls.

Birman Cats are known for their companion ship and loyalty towards their owner. They have many dog like features as they like to follow you around the house, they like a little taming and when they need attention they try to communicate it and when their appetite for this is fulfilled it will go back to some other place and let you do your work. They are very timid once either discouraged or encouraged while doing anything they surely grab that instance and would act accordingly then. Another very intriguing aspect to this cat Birman breed is known for disciplinary temperamentbreed is the voice; as it has a very sweet tone and soft vocals, which they often use when acquiring peoples attention.

Birman Cats are very popular for their disciplinary temperament and companionship as they form a great affinity with not just the owner but with their entire family and as often at times it has been witnessed that children has the tendency to man handle or roughly handle the cats they don’t mind that in fact they love that rough play. One thing common amongst many breeds of cats is that they all are very intelligent but Birman Cats are highly intelligent creatures they keenly watch all the activities that are going on around and love to take part in them too, they are not afraid of any house hold activity and actively wants their share in any thing that is happening around. They live about for 15-18 years and they cost around $450. The maintenance is quite much as 2-3 brushes a week and bath at end of every season but the deep blue eyes and the divine factor to this cat makes all this worth it.

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