Bombay breed – cats like a black panther

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Bombay cat may look like a miniature black panther, but the cat is completely domesticated. A relatively rare breed,  Bombay breed – cats like a black pantherBombay cat breeders  is very popular due to its external appearance and submissive personality. Black and insightful brown eyes, this breed combines the appearance and personality with  black color  American Burmese uniform short hair, the  black variety. Bombay Race is a creation of  Nikki Horner. Ascending and exhibits since the age of 16 years, Horner has paired awarded the American Shorthair cats, Burmese, Exotic, Himalayan, Persian and conjoined twins, to get a cat that has crowned his career. Around 1950, while her mate and American Burmese short hair black, put on a conception about Burma, with glossy black fur and brown eyes  insightful – a kind of miniature panther. As Horner imagined it would look like an Indian black leopard, she has called the cat after the city Bombay (now Mumbai). In India, black cat is considered to be good luck and wealth, contrary to European superstition under which it would be a sign of bad luck and brings misfortune.

The breed is recognized by these associations and international organizations: American Association of Cat Enthusiasts (AACE) American Cat Association (ACA) American Cat Fancier’s Association (ACFA) Canadian Cat Association (CCA) Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) as Fanciers ‘Federation (CFF), the National Cat Fanciers’ Association (NCFA), The International Cat Association (TICA) United Feline Organization (UFO) and the Association of Romanian Cats (AFR). In Europe, the breed is recognized by independent clubs in Holland, France and Belgium.

Morphological traits

Bombay breed – cats like a black pantherBombay is famous for her fur which is like the skin and  brown eyes. Cat Bombay today is   medium size, bone and muscular, a cat that looks surprisingly robust for its size. The head has a nice round shape with sharp angles, the eyes well separated. The muzzle is broad and slightly rounded. The ears are rounded and well separated from each other. Eye color is from gold to copper shades. The tail is straight and medium length.

There are two patterns conformational Bombay cat’s head, traditional and contemporary.  Traditional Bombay Cat  has a longer and narrower muzzle in comparison with the contemporary. Fur, is one of the most beautiful features of the race, is fine and makes good adhesion to the body, like a gloss varnish. Fur is short and silky and it  feels  like velvet .

Character and behavior

Like the Burmese, Bombay cats require constant attention, following its master everywhere to oBombay breed – cats like a black pantherbtain it. Extremely sociable and affectionate, Bombay cats tend to love the whole family rather than to create a strong connection with only one person. Cat lovers say that these cats are, in particular, tolerant with children.

Bombay cats have inherited traits from both races that led to their formation. Like the Burmese, Bombay cats are playful and intelligent. As American short hair, are temperamentally balanced and less talkative than  noisy Burmese. Bombay cat is not happy if  left alone for long periods, so it’s best to  got her a mate to keep her company.


Only a variety of color and pattern is accepted – compact black. To maintain the desired type of fur, head and body conformation, Bombay cat breeders crosses with colored  samurai Burmese.

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