Brazilian Shorthair breed has a nice temperament.

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Brazilian  with short hair (BrazilBrazilian Shorthair breed has a nice temperament.ian Shorthair) dates from the mid `80 having its origins on the streets of Brazil. It seems that the cat was brought to Brazil by the  European colonists. This race is not yet formally recognized by all organizations who accredit a breed profile, its recognition of the fact came when the Brazilian Cat  Federation  realized that there must be a cat breed originating in Brazil. Thus, the Brazilians began to compare and inspect the cats of the streets, and noted that all look the same way and have the same characteristics. Thus was born the breed of cat with short hair Brazilian, but there are other breeds of cats found on the street, such as American, Celtic and European and American short hair Keuda.

Although somewhat recognized as race, Brazilian cat has stirred much controversy in the world of professional breeders of cats. However, short-haired Brazilian is now considered a pure breed cat,  the cat crossing the stage of a street cat on . In the U.S. the number of Brazilian breeders  is very big unlike  other parts of the world.

Morphological traits

Brazilian Shorthair  are cats with  a strong hair, agile, medium-sized, more long than tall. The fur is short and it have a  Brazilian Shorthair breed has a nice temperament.large variety of colors.

There are many aspects that make these cats special. For example, the space between the eyes is equal to the size of the eye, and the  eyes, very expressive, moreover, are usually the same color as the fur.

The tail is medium length and is pointing to the top. Males can be easily distinguished from females because they have larger heads. Ideal is that after the age of 6-8 years, even if you have a healthy specimen, give him a routine check and several investigations (ultrasound, X-rays, blood tests and urine) to detect potential problems early and to try to remedy them through proper nutrition or with appropriate treatment.

Character and behaBrazilian Shorthair breed has a nice temperament.vior

From “street cat” she  became a  pedigreed cat. This is the short haired Brazilian (Brazilian Shorthair), a medium-sized cat with expressive eyes and playful.

If you are looking for an affectionate cat that is not aggressive and love to be around people, Brazilian fits perfectly in your requirements.

Brazilian cat has a nice temperament, very playful, active and a perfect predatory. It is intelligent and learns things very quickly. Brazilian  is a very affectionate kitty, telling  about it that is sticky and she begs for attention from her owner .She needs  very much  love, attention and care, and if you do not have time to offer her al that things the cat will become irritable and suspicious. Brazilian cat  with short hair get along well with children, whose company they  love. These cats are known for their ability to link relationships with all family members and friends, and they are not the cat of a single owner.

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