British Shorthair is a muscular breed.

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British shorthair cat that comes in variety of colors and the most fascinating factor in coloring is that it can British Shorthair is a muscular either a blend of two colors or simply one single color for the whole body. They are natural breed and they are crossbred with Persian Cats to improve the thickness of their coat which is the reason why they have dense coats of hair that are often described as crisp or cracking, which refers to the way the coat breaks over the cat’s body contours when ruffled. British Shorthair eyes are big round that comes in many colors primarily copper or gold eyes. British Shorthairs are large and muscular but they can carry around that weight easily and are cobby build that enables them to play around and do the usual cat activities.

British Blue is one variant and the grey color gives it the name though it has a tinge of blue therefore called British Blue; which one upon beholding the sheer sight of a cat clad in coat comprisiBritish Shorthair is a muscular of a mix of grey color with slight blue ting take away the senses that enable one to structure sentences in order to explain the pure charisma that scene holds because its simply divine to watch that and that is what which makes it popular across the globe. They are very less demanding though when they need the attention they communicate it and after the fulfillment of their appetite for their attention they go back to what they were doing and let you alone to complete the task you were working on. British Shorthair is very quite, laidback and affectionate creature they often like to help and they love to participate in activities that people around them are working on, they might even at times jump into bed with you. They are equally inclined towards people belonging to the adult age group or children they are at par with the teddy bBritish Shorthair is a muscular breed.ear though they don’t mind cuddling but they would love it a little petting on the back with the just resting on the ground.

They make very little noise but they do talk when required; they don’t brag around all the time. They have a very unique distinction of recognizing voice of people and they try to literally talk to them and reply back in their distinctive manner. They go along very well with cats, dogs or birds. As British Shorthair enjoys company of other animals who share the same temperament as they have. They are not demanding at all doesn’t matter if you are a person or a family that sits around and watch TV or have less activity going around they only need affection and they will just come and sit around where you are or watch any activity that is going on from a distant place and contend it self with that. The maintenance is something where one has to be very careful because they shed twice a year in spring and fall, while shedding winter coat and getting summer coat but the routine care involves just hand grooming and soft brush. They cost around $600 to $700.

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