Brushing your cat’s teeth

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Regularly brushing your cat’s teeth is important like brushing people’s teeth. Regular dental hygiene make your cat’s teeth strong and healthy at long time. It’s really working.

1. We need: aseptic gauze, pair of scissors, toothpaste which are made especially for cats

2. Cut a piece aseptic gauze, roll on your finger, and next put on it toothpaste for cats (What’s very important: don’t use human toothpaste)Brushing your cat’s teeth

3. Take your cat on your kneel, open cat’s mouth and start action glob brushing your cat’s teeth. Next you should brush gingivals. It isn’t necessary to clean back part of teeth, but only front

4. If your cat stand the gaff brushing teeth instead aseptic gauze rolled on your finger to brushing you may use toothbrush with small heads – which is made for small puppie

5. Absolutely reward your puppie for good behaviour while brushing teeth for example with a piece of his favorite food.

If your cat don’t tolerate toothbrushing you can use special antiseptic gels.

There is also domestic method, which is helpful to care about your cat’s teeth and prevent deferment dental deposits . Sometimes we can give our puppie beef, cutted on bigger cubes. Our cat must bite meat accurately before swallow.

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