Burmese breed requires attention from people

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Burmese breed requires attention from peopleThe cat “suspected” that would be ancestor of the Burma race was a little brown cat, named Wong Mau, who was brought from Burma to America in 1930. An investigation of the genetic fund showed that Wong Mau was a hybrid of Siamese  and a new breed with a dark coat, called Burmese  because  of the origin. The reproduction was possible to isolate selective gene  which caused  dark hair  and so was created  the Burmese  we know today.

Morphological traits

The  neck is of medium length in proportion to the body. Seen in profile, head slightly indented from the top of skull to the tip of the  chin . The forehead is rounded. The nose is a distinctive line and nose must be in line with the tip of chin. The ears are well apart, situated on a rounded basis , being wider at the base, with a rounded top and are slightly bent forward. The outside line of the ears are still easy to line the face, although in mature males who developed jaws it might not be very apparent. The eyes are large and bright and can be in any shade of yellow, but yellow is a favorite. However, these cats eye color is sensitive to changes in quality of light. Legs are flexible and feet are firm and oval. The tail is right, without crimping and ends in a tuft like a brush . If  the tail length is the one recommended, will reach the shoulders .

Character and behavior:

Burmese  cat is a very friendly and affectionate creature and requires more attention from people, she is happy in a domestic environment. It is very playful and can be taught to bring lumps of paper in the Burmese breed requires attention from peoplesame manner in which a dog  brings a bat to be  thrown,  she  gets  along very well with children, so is a  great family animal. They are very sensitive to the feelings of its master. If you have a profession that needs to be away from home all day, would be a good idea to have two Burma.  She  protests  and will follow its master all over the house begging attention. Burmese cats  are very “talkative” and therefore have no discomfort to “communicate” when they miss something or will encounter noisy when you return home. Animals are ideal for life in an  apartment, but only if they have company, because otherwise they writhe their lively temperament and affectionate that it will not show unless they have company. Burmese  owners are extremely loyal and, because of their ability to recover things were called “cat dog”. Do not like to remain on the outside of family life and often insist to participate in any activity that takes place. They are very intelligent and can easily solve problems such as the Open Door, the artists in the escape. Children are very good, but if it becomes too bothersome, just Burmese will turn back and will go until the child overblown. They are excellent companion and seems to understand every woBurmese breed requires attention from peoplerd that is said, is very sensitive to the mood of the master.


The fur is short and glossy, which is a distinctive feature of the race. The hair is fine and stays attached to the body.  We may meet ten  fur colors, but they are all lighter in the lower zone of the body.

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