Cat behaviour

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Do you want understand your cat’s behaviour ? For people who are cats owners for many years tips which are described below can be evident.


Symptoms of irritation are nervous actions of tail and trunk cowering. Cat snort and bristle


When cat murmur it shows that cat is glad. Some people think that it means that pet is healthy, but it is not truth. Also poisonous cats uttar sound like this.

Rolling Cat behaviour

It is a natural behaviour, which is caused by sexual instinct.

Fear and Defence

Defence behaviour are caused by people’s misbehavior. Almost always fear and defence are anxiety reactions in deadlock. First cat snort, then couch and attack.


If your cat run away don’t set off in pursuit. Cats are not a good runners and after small distance cat try to find hiding-place. Then stroke your cat and take on your hands.


When cat lick your face or hands it means that it shows you tenderness.


Cat learn fighting method and social behaviour during playing. It is important to have time to spend free time with cat.

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