Cat’s breed with big eyes – Exotic Shorthair

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Cat’s breed with big eyes – Exotic  ShorthairExotic Shorthair is a breed created by humans., Around 1960 and was approved in America only since 1984, with numerous crosses made by breeders between the  Persian race  cats and other breeds with short hair and Russian Blue, British Shorthair etc.. During the evolution of new breeds, the kittens were chosen corresponding to the Persian standard, but they had a short and fluffy fur.

Persian breed has great popularity, which is demonstrated where the group exhibitions of their feline is always most participants. But considering that today’s lifestyle becomes increasingly agitated, Exotic Shorthair increasingly gain more ground. Called “Persian in pijamas” or “lazy man Persian, Exotic Shorthair keep their temper calm and affectionate, but require much less care . Because of its beauty and qualities, has spread very quickly both the Americas and the European  continent.

Morphological traits.

Breed exotic short hair, is characterized by a round head, big eyes and apart, which offers a mild look, with an almost Cat’s breed with big eyes – Exotic  Shorthairchildish expression .The ears are firmly attached, removed lightly  in an oblique position, with small peaks, slightly rounded and slightly turned forward. It can be observed  a small nose, but never type Pekinese. The body, solid and robust, is still elegant and distinct. The members are extensive, broad, powerful and robust. The tail is relatively short, but proportional to the length, is typical in this race to the body .The hair, whose length is 1-4 cm, which has, among other advantages, that of not becoming break. In addition, hair is soft , elastic and even silky. Excepting gold color and some less common varieties, colors allowed for this race are allowed to Persian breed.

Character and behavior.

Exotic cats are becoming more valued because of their affectionate, playful and intelligent side. It can say with much certainty, that this race is the future and will win in front of other breeds that are found in, very easy to accommodate .She accommodates very easy at life in an apartment, she is very clean and this brings  more satisfaction  to the owner. Easy to educate, it is customary fast with house rules, is attached to the master, joyful and full of tenderness ..Animal robust and resistant, is less demanding, and if is fed properly, it spares no effort to show the whole beauty and elegance.

Cat’s breed with big eyes – Exotic  ShorthairFrom Persian they  took the calmly specific behavior, but the presence of one ancestry like other breeds such as Russian Blue, Exotic Shorthair, gives to the cat a specific joy. But it remains a quiet cat that will not make giant leaps and somersault like other breeds with short hair. Also,  this cats are known as silent,  that’s why they  rarely meows.

Males are known to be more affectionate, females always seemed to have something important to do.


In this race me can meet more varieties of color, of which we can mention:  one color Exotic, three-color, spotted, tiger,

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