Chartreux is a powerful breed.

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This race, of French origin, is considered as one of the oldest breeds breed in Europe, is quoted as early as the Chartreux is a powerful breed.sixteenth century .The of  this breed comes from the Grand Chartreuse monastery in the Alps, where is risen with much attention by the monks of this facility.

Morphological traits.

Robust and powerful breed, is characterized by a relatively round head, because  of the influence and shaped convex cheeks At the head me meet the ears, medium size, with peaks slightly rounded and covered by a very fin hair .They appear in the upper part of head, but slightly forward, giving the impression that the cat is always watchful .The eyes are big, round, expressive, lively and light copper colored or oranges . The jaws are very well developed and have black lips and nose-pads .The body is solid  with broad chest, well dressed in muscle, neck and strong .The members  have a relatively thick mid-length, solid, firm muscles and strong legs .The tail is proportional, but slightly rounded and covered with a coat identical to the body .When the Chartreux is a powerful  is moving it gives  the impression of a quiet animal , with a leader .The body is covered by short hair, often, fine and silky, which gives the animal a nice aspect .The color of   this breed may include all shades of blue and gray, but are preferred the tone of the lighter tone. It is  not admitted that on the animal’s coat to meet different tones or stripes and spots of any kind.

Character and behavior.

This cat is probably best suited for living in small dwellings and we can say this for  two main reasons:

-is an exceptional cat with a behavior, extremely balanced and gentle, a very beautiful cat that adapts on with the lifestyle of the family he belongs.

– it has a compact coat, consisting of short hairs which is recommended  before a number of many races  in the cohabitation with children in  special. In therefore not have problems with hair loss with this wonderful breed.

Chartreaux is appreciated very much because is  gentle and docile, quiet walking, relaxing, withChartreux is a powerful breed. safe walking, without noise, very courageous in fighting and sociable. Courageous cat  in the fight with large and small rodents are very entrepreneurial and they are not suffering from starvation if  they are left alone outside  Smart and subtle animal, appreciates with great accuracy  the master character , and she does  not exceed  with certain limits on her behavior towards her master. .It is a race of a great  fidelity, that’s why may refuse to eat,  if from a reason is separated from her master . She follows his master to  a walk even uninvited, possessing a very original way of looking at the world and people surrounding.

However sometimes runs away from home and returns after a few days Thou, meanwhile if nothing special  happened. She  easily accommodate at the life in the apartment, she becomes friend very quickly with people surrounding, but  it requires to the master to  pay attention and affection for what it offers.


Though it is a very old breed, there are not accepted  other colors than the classic, yet recently appeared blue-cream variety, as a result of mating between European and cream Chartrtreux. At this variety,  the color is  bicolor, more or less accepted by the breeders.

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