Chausie is a very intelligent cat’s breed.

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Chausie is a very intelligent  cat’s breed.Race Chausie  is seen as one of the most beautiful breed. He appeared as a hybrid of the African jungle cat (Felis Chaus-Right) and has captured attention with its beautiful golden or black fur,  She was recently domesticated. Jungle cat is a useful race and a survivor. Bigger than a small cat, weighing between 8 and 15 kg. Chausie breed derived from the name of scientific name of the the jungle cat. Chausie race is set up as an effort to preserve the appearance of wild, domestic cats by creating a loving and friendly domestic cat.

Race Chausie is a relatively  a new breed, registered by TICA in July 1995. Currently, race “struggle” for the  status of a champion and continue to grow in popularity. Size, appearance and way of being, betray the wild origins.

Morphological traits

Chausie race is renowned for the amazing speed and the vertical leap of nearly six feet. Cats are flat, having a considerable width between shoulders. They are tall, slender and they have very long feet from the rear, somewhat higher than the front. The cats from this  race should be two times  bigger in length than in height. Also, Chausie is two times higher than other domestic cats and may be two or even three times as heavy. Males weigh more than females. Chausie is a very intelligent  cat’s breed.

The body is big and long, with heavy bones, full chest, broad and strong muscles, with moderately long legs. The fur is relatively short, only three colors of the breed being recognized the ones that are found at the jungle cats: black, gold and silver with black spots. Kittens presents usually spots or stripes on the fur, which will blur as they grow, remaining visible only the stripes and spots on the face and legs.

Character and behavior

Cats of Chausie race are  a very intelligent breed, often behaving like dogs. They are very affectionate, loyal and loving with the masters, children or other pets. In particular, are known for their amazing speed and jump in height to 1.80 meters .Chausie cats have a sweet nature, very affectionate. Alert and intelligent, often like the behavior of the dogs. Chausie is extremely loyal and loving towards the  closer people, and mean great with other pets. Muscle structure it gives an  athletic and fast look. Very rarely Chausie is a very intelligent  cat’s breed.manages to stay in one place for a longer period of time.  The wild appearance and  the personality of this breed quickly captured people’s hearts. Chausie owners know that this is a very special cat.


Currently, there are only three recognized colors of Chausie cat, all the common colors of  the jungle cats. They are: gold, black and silver with black spots. Kittens usually have spots or stripes on the fur. As the kittens mature, the signs of the body are blurred. Streaks and spots on the legs and face should, however, be visible on the adult cats fur.

The purpose of the  breeding program is to replicate Chausie African jungle cat in as many details as possible while keeping the appearance of the wild cats, even the Egyptians admired this breed and they have included it in their works of art. Tall, big ears and golden color, black or silver they are all common features of the breed Chausie and the jungle cat.

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