Children and cats

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If  you have  small children you have to explain them that cat is not a play and can it shows. Contact between child and cat is differChildren and catsent than between dog. Cats if they are in stalemate  can scratch . Child should be aware of this fact.  If someone wear cat in clothes, pull tail and scream cause that cat is afraid and can use teeth and claws.

Children should learn safety plays with cat. There are for example: throw artificial mouse or paper on thread.  Children learn cat’s language very fast. But we have to remember that all plays should be under parents control. If cat is not aggressive, can learn child delicacy and love. It is good known fact that  children who grow up between cats are more sensitive an full of feelings. So we can’t forbid contact child with animal.

When you have a baby you have to care about safety your member of family. Cat is always interested in crying parcel. First, you should show cat a content of parcel. Permit your cat on sniffing. For some time you shouldn’t leave your baby only a cat. During contact you have to observe a cat behavior.  If cat don’t show aggression it means that situation is self-possessed.

Friendship between child and cat can last for many years and for young person can b

important experience.

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