Cornish Rex breed with copper or gold eyes

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Cornish Rex breed with copper or gold eyesThe Cornish Rex is the result of the mutation that occurred from a litter of kittens where one of the kittens, a male had an extremely unusual fine and curly coat; he was the first Cornish Rex. The owner soon realized that it is occurred due to mutation and soon the male grew up and was able to mate it was cross breed with the mother and hence produced two more such kittens. Later it was bred with the Siamese and this where they got the long tails and ears from.

Cornish rex only has undercoat they have fur that is curled Cornish Rex breed with copper or gold eyesthe more it is rubbed the tighter the curl gets. They have no hair except for the down hair; the undercoat which means that they are best suited for indoor living in warm and dry conditions. Its body temperature is slightly higher than the other cats (102 F), and these cats tend to hang around places that are warmer such as the light bulbs, the tops of computer monitors and other warm places including laps and shoulders. The Cornish Rex is lean from torso to tail and they every thing they have Legs, Ears are Tail its long. They come in different colors white, black, chocolate, orange and diluted blue, lilac and cream also mackerel and ticked tabbies in bicolor. Their eyes colors are usually copper or gold.

The Cornish Rex are very delightful, fun, active and fascinating creatures they form bonds with every one and very quickly they have no favorites as every one who comes in front of it becomes their favorite. So if the owner has to go for some time and have to leave their cat back they really don’t have to bother about it that much. They also can go along very well with Cornish Rex breed with copper or gold eyesother pets or animals either new one or regular, be it either dog, cats, parrots, birds or rabbits it has no problem with any one in fact they would actively like to play with them. If they are provided an option they will choose to play and spend time with the humans; at the time of their sleep you are likely going to find them in the bed primary reason is to get to a warmer place but there are certain other places to go to but the human bonding has a lot to do with it. Be it kitten or full grown up their interest in playing and remaining active never fades out. Their maintenance is also very easy as they don’t have hair; only under coat, no guard hair or the outer fur so there is no hassle of brushing just the little rubbing with the hands is the only care that is required and they don’t shed hair excessively just like other breeds of cats do. They cost $650 to $700 and they can live up to 13-15 years of age.

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