Devon Rex breed – face with curly fur.

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Devon Rex breed – face with curly fur.Devon Rex breed comes  from a cat with  curly  fur , found in 1960 by Beryl Cox, in Devon, England. He  observed that a  street cat  gave birth to a kitten with a weird look and wavy fur, whose father apparently was a cat with the same kind of coat that made his century in the area. The kitten became  the ancestor of  Devon Rex breed. Being a relatively new breed, Devon Rex is carefully crossed  with copies of American and British Shorthair, to strengthen existing genetic background. In the U.S., the first copies of Devon Rex arrived in 1968 and was recognized in 1983.

Morphological traits

The first impression  that  a Devon Rex cat leave  is a mischievous  face with curly fur . Cheekbones are grade, large eyes and earDevon Rex breed – face with curly fur.s and bigger and located quite low on the skull. The face of the cats have a distinctive line. Viewed from the front, the skull is limited by a series of 3 distinct convex curves that gradually narrows: the outer edge of ear lobes, cheekbones and the clamping line of whiskers. The head is preferably flat, but its length must be greater than the width. It is recommended that face to be good shape, with prominent cheekbones and a junction area of the whiskers clearly delineated. Seen in profile, the nose presents a prominent stop. The forehead is slightly curved, and the skull is flat. The muzzle is short and well-defined and  the chin is strong and developed. Eyes are  large, oval and elongated to the outside, are placed at a considerable distance from one to  another. There is a standard color for the eyes of this breed.  The ears are a hallmark of this breed, with unusually large and placed low down. Are very wide at the base and the peaks are rounded. Ears are covered with very soft fur and, sometimes, may have tufts of hair.

The body is medium length, strong and muscular, but slender at the same time. Limbs are long and slender, and the previous are slightly shorter than previous ones, featuring small and oval paws. The front has five fingers and the rear four. The tail is long, thin and rounded on top, covered with short fur.

Character and beDevon Rex breed – face with curly fur.havior

Devon Rex has been described as a cross between a terrorist and a small monkey. Cats are extremely lively and extrovert and seem to be born to entertain. Have some quality “dog”, and excessive love for toys funny, and can be trained to do all sorts of tricks. Cats are very loving and gentle, and do not like monotony and loneliness. Guests may be surprised to find that a Devon Rex cat is curious yet carefully investigate them before they get to sit down. He loves to relax next to you at night and wake up in the morning with kisses on the forehead, snoring with affection. Devon cats are loyal, dedicated and intelligent, to mention only some of the qualities that they own. Powerful jumpers , they explore any place that  can  be accessed . She  is  very curious and always interested in contact with people, most of these cats are inviting themselves in any activity involving them.  They eat anything and have a penchant for food that is normally not for them . They are very noisy.

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