Havana Brown – very playful breed

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Havana Brown – very playful breedThe origin of this cat is British and came after 1950 from a mating of conjoined twins and  European cat. It is one  of the  cat breeds in fast growing field because of its color, similar to a Cuban cigars. The first thing to notice about this cat it is its shiny  coat, mahogany-colored. Another unique feature is the head,  longer  than wide. His body is a medium size, must be strong and muscular, while giving both a sense of power  elegance and grace. Males tend to be larger, typically weighing between 3.5 and 4.5 kilograms, while females have a weight between 2.7 and 3.5 kilograms. At birth, kittens are completely brown.

Morphological traits

This breed is characterized by a very pleasant appearance, with an elongated head and well proportioned, with a muzzle more broad than long, with a sloping forehead and well  marked .The chin is  firmly, with well-developed ears, removed at the bottom and bowed slightly  forward .The neck is fine and well proportioned .The body is very long, slender, but muscular, placed on the limbs of medium length, compact and oval shaped . The body is fully covered by a brown hair unifoHavana Brown – very playful breedrm color throughout the entire his  length .The eyes  are light green.

Character and behavior.

This breed is characterized by a quiet  behavior , docile, which gives more personality, great intelligence, inventive  and support in any way. She doesn’t stand the dogs She is a very playful animal and she gets along very well with children .It is an agreeable great companion to everybody, she  attaches  too much for one person, to whom she dedicate almost all the time, when that person is  always present in the house..She  adjusts to the change well and apartment blocks, but not refuse output frequency in the balcony, where she  makes her  toilet with much dexterity and pleasure. It is a race  of longevity and not infrequently to reproduce even in old age, is considered one of the best mothers in the family cats. Havana Brown is an ideal pet, whether you want to present  her in exhibitions or simply keep one for you, as a staunch friend. It is not uncommon for such a cat with paws to reach for your attention or a break to run, then she sits right at your feet, asking with his insistence oHavana Brown – very playful breedn a tummy scratch. Due to the flexibility of those who show cats, they will adapt to your program every day, but it should not leave them alone for longer periods of time.


Over the classic color (Havana Brown), we have to mention other colors that are detached from crosses made between Siamese, European and Havana.

We mention the varieties of this breed in Lavender, Lavender called cat with short hair, whose name clearly tells us the color of the robe. It is also a  shade variety of Ebony, which is a  black one color variety, of great beauty, much appreciated by breeders .

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