Healthy feeding.

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What kind of food is right for your cat and how often should you feed your favourite?

Amount of food depends on many factors like:Healthy feeding.

•    Life – energetic cats have to eat more

•    Age- young cats have a higher demand for food

•    State of health – sick cat sometimes lose appetite

•    The tastiness of food

•    Sex

•    Temperature of surrounding

•    Stress

•    Size of cats

•    Quality of food

and other.

Healthy cat need about 60 – 80 kcal/ kg mc depends on activity. The healthiest food consist of beef, turkey and chicken. Right feeding is very import and you have to remember that some of products are forbidden and have adverse effect for your cat.

Cats should not eat and drink :

•    Chocolate

•    Coffee

•    Tea

•    Drinkables with coffeine

•    OnionHealthy feeding.

•    Garlic

•    Bones with poultry and meat

•    Fishbones

•    Human vitamins which contain iron

•    Greasy sauces

•    Mouldy and rotten food

•    Alcohol

•    Mushrooms

•    Dog’s food

•    Tobacco

•    Yeast cake

•    Rhubarb leaves

•    Green leaves and stalks with tomatoes and potatoes

You have to remember that  life length and health depends on right feeding.  Provide your cat necessary elements to right growth.

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