Hearing and seeing of a cat

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Cat is able to see in the night six times better then a human. Their range of seeing is definitely higher then human one Hearing and seeing of a catand is equal to 285 degrees, comparing to 210 degrees in human eye. Cats are able to see very sharp even in poor light, but on the other side humans can see more details in high sun light comparing to cats.  Very interesting fact is the way that cat’s eye captures movement. It’s very sensible and if we connect that to very reliable distance estimation we have a perfect haunting machine. During night when cat is haunting it see’s everything in black and white. In fact cats don’t need to see colors as they focus on contours.


Cat ear is moved by thirteen muscles and is very sensible for sound, especially for high tones. Cats are able to hear the sounds with frequency up to 60 kHZ . Let’s compare this amount to 20 kHz which is cached up with human ear.  Cat is not only able to hear more sounds but perfectly localize the source of the sound.

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