Himalayan- cross of Siamese breed and Persian breed

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You see them in the movies in the plays. They are very popular breed and they are very expensive though Himalayan- cross of Siamese breed and Persian breedbut still they are the ones largely sort after; those who own one consider themselves the luckiest on earth, that is non other than the Himalayan. They are the cross breed of Siamese and Persian; from the Persian it gets the long hair, the round body shape and the very odd looking face structure which apart from looking very odd make the breed prone to breathing difficulties, skin and eye problems and birthing difficulties. From the Siamese it gets the active attitude, the talkative nature and the extra energy.

Himalayans have round cobby body with short legs; which is a typical Persian trait which makes them unable to jump and roam around higher places but some times they do tend to have even body shape like Siamese then they do get to enjoy the feast of roaming and exploring places at higher altitudes. Himalayan’s comes in white or cream color as for full one color but the points come in many different Himalayan- cross of Siamese breed and Persian breedcolors: seal (or black), blue, lilac, chocolate, red and cream. The color of their eyes is mostly deep vivid blue which make them look completely exotic.

The Himalayan’s they have inherited some of the traits from its ancestor Persian; due to which they are very docile, independent and have a lap cat attitude which makes them a perfect apartment cat. They are not that active they just love to lie around and lay back and relax, enjoy the petting on the back or just sitting in the lap. Himalayan do talk unlike Persian which some have said that they are just simply mute and Himalayan have inherited this trait from Siamese who are very vocal but this had only a very little effect not much but even that is something; making a completely mute creature able to speak, Himalayan have a very chirpy voice it is not very sharp and they often get themselves heard when they feel they need to. Since they don’t even like much activity because Himalayan- cross of Siamese breed and Persian breedthere body structure is not like that, as they have very short legs and a round cobby body so the mechanics of this breed makes it unable to follow that course and be active and jumping around all the time therefore they are only recommended for elderly people and the results have been miraculous as they need so much petting and grooming that it is not possible to some body with a lot of work at hand to be able to take out time to look after this pet. Therefore Himalayan’s have been only recommended for those who have a lot of time so that they can properly groom their Himalayan as it needs a lot of grooming because of the long hair that it has and it sheds a lot of hair therefore they will start shedding in clumps so to avoid such situation it is recommended to brush 2-3 times a day in order to keep the coat not only looking good but to keep healthy. They are very expensive and they cost $600 to $1500. Himalayan life span can stretch from 18-22 years as it depends on how they are being look after.

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