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History about cat in washing-machine

It is  history with cat in a main role. Cat thought that opening washing-machine is a good place to sleep. Cat slept all night in the washing-machine, despite of fact that owner threw  dirty clothes there. In the morning owner’s son tHistories with happy endurned on washing-machine. He set up program on the highest temperature. Suddenly mother heard desperately crying cat. He noticed what her son had done. He phoned to fire-brigade. He arrived after a few minutes, turned off washing-machine and opened it. Temperature of water was 30 degrees Celsius. Happily cat didn’t suffer, but just in case cat spent next day in banian-hospital. It is lesson for people that it is necessary to check if washing-machine is empty.

History about cat, which like phoning.

One lady was accused falsely of phone hooliganism. Telecommunication operator  said that in one of the surrounding homes someone chose an alarm number for two hours and didn’t tell anything. Women was very surprised, because nobody was at home. Secret was solved few days later. After work women back home and noticed that cat named Klasza was playing  telephone. It was hearing men’s voice .

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