How to calculate cat’s age to people’s age?

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Generally cats live longer than dogs. Average lifetime is about 12 -14 years, but there are also cats which lives even 20 years. Lifetime of our cats depend on many differentelements such as:

  • healthy dietHow to calculate cat’s age to people’s age?
  • veterinary care
  • genetic factors

It is said that cat which is seven years is a cat in middle age, and decennary cat is a gaffer.

Calculate cat’s age to people’s age may be good way to understand better cat’s growing.

If you want to in what people’s age your cat is, read following tips.

1)      Determine exactly how old is your cat. If you have a cat from he was a small you certainly know precise age, if don’t you may ask vet for help.

2)      Ignore the rule “7 years”. During a long time it was said that one year cat’s life equal seven year human’s. It is although untruth, because cats grow in different way than people.

Cat’s age        =           Human’s age

1 month                      8 months

6 months                     10 years

1 year                          15 years

2 years                        25 years

3 years                        29 years

4 yearsa                      33 years

5 years                        37 years

6 years                        41 years

7 years                        45 years

8 years                        49 years

9 years                        53 years

10 years                      57 years

11 years                      61 years

12 years                      65 years

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