Interesting plays for your cat.

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It is a good known fact that cats like playing with owner. We prepare some interesting plays which  we suggest to try:

First play

You should prepare different cardboard boxes. If box is in part closed and you put outside play such as artificial Interesting plays for your cat.mouse or tape it will be activity for cat for a few hours. You can also make holes in box to make play more attractive. In box cat can hide itself, hunt and scrape. After play cat probably will sleep for long time.

Second play

You can also use a carrier bag. You have to remember about “cutting” ears. You should  observe  your cat, because cat can embrangle and suffocate. If you are nearly it is a really safety play.

Third play

A lot of cats like different type of cat scraper. It is higher and more varied it is better. Cats use it to climb, lie in the highest shelf and jump. If you place it near window it will be the good observation point for you. Cat scrapper you can buy in every zoological shop or make.

Fourth play

You can guarantee funny play when you use colorful  crewel. End of crewel knot in that cat couldn’t disentangle ball too fast. Cat with crewel can run and throw.

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