Is it necessary to bath a cat ?

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Some people consider if it is necessary to bath a cat. I know answer , because I have talked about it with my vet. He said that there is no need to bath a cat, exluding below situations:Is it necessary to bath a cat ?

• Taking care about longhaired cat –  especially if you prepare your cat  on exhibitions

• When fur of your cat is covered by substances, which could not be removed by your cat

• Disease like tinea and parasites

• Owner’s allergy

• Rehabilitation in water after complex

• Cald bath when your cat has burn or heatstroke

If bath is necessary you have to prepare: warm water (it can’t be too hot and too cold), towel, shampoo designed for cats and drier.  You can also ask for help someone with family. For many cats situation in which you start pour water on is very stressful. So it is better to put cat in bath filled water. Pour water on cat without its head  using your hand . If cat is wet use a shampoo. Avoid ears, eyes and nose. Rinse cat and dry using drier or towel.

First bath for cat is the worst, because cat don’t know what is happening and the owner don’t know cat reaction. Some cats like baths, so maybe your cat belongs to this group of cats. Remember that in normally situation bath is not necessary.

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