Kurilian Bobtail breed – love to be spoiled

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Kurilian Bobtail breed – love to be spoiledTop representatives of the breed Kurilian Bobtail appeared in exhibitions for the first time in 1990. At that time many experts believed that  the curious cats are  just an imitation of the famous Japanese Bobtail. Nothing  its not known  today  if the two races have something in common genetically, in addition to short and bushy tail. It is assumed that even Kurilian Bobtail cats were  the first breed “endowed” with a separate queue, after which  it would be developed breed Japanese Bobtail. While  the cats were high-ranking Japanese aristocrat breed, elegant Kurilian Island cats were kept in their natural state: more wild.

The cats  of race in the Karelian  Bobtail (though the names are similar, there are 2 different races), they are the result of a mutation in the Manx breed or Kurilian. Karelian cats originate from St. Petersburg, in the western part of Russia. Recessive gene present in Kurilian tail is dominant in the Karelian cats. They are closer, after issue,  to the the Norwegian Forest Cat, while  the  Kurilian  is closer to the Siberian breed.

Morphological traits

Bobtail cats Kurilian are medium to large. It is characterized by a muscular body, compact design. The head is round inKurilian Bobtail breed – love to be spoiled shape, round eyes, yellow or green, and ears are “hidden” by tufts of hair. Legs  are ending with round paws and  the tail has a tuft form and can be measured either by 3 cm, or between 8 and 15 cm .The fur  is dense, fine, short, in 2 layers. Unlike wild version of this breed, mustached Kurilian Bobtail domesticated  cat is bigger. If a wild cat may weigh 3.5 to 4 kg, a  pets cat  get even  6 kg. Wild females weigh between 2 and 2.5 kilograms while domesticated variant reaches 4 kg.

Character and behavior:

Kurilian Bobtail Cats are strong felines  and savage looking animals because they are medium to large. Cats are healthy with a balanced character. Love to be spoiled and are very quiet, hardly aggressive. In the wild, are animals that live in groups, like packs of wolves. Animals are very smart and resourceful. It adapts well to any conditions, including transport of 2 days. The appearance of these wild cats are not reflected in their temperament.  They love  people company, are ideal for living in the apartment or house.

Kurilian Bobtail breed – love to be spoiledA special feature of this breed’s is the  passion for … water! Love to bathe, to “fish” and play in water. They are very easy to train, because they are obeying cats. Cats are among the most of the time silent, do not  cause harm around the  house (which means they  can left  alone in the living room, but it is good to be trained a bit  initially!).

In the family, Kurilian Bobtail  male cat don’t   runs away from the responsibility of raising  his kittens, being very glad to help the female


Can be found in various shades and combinations of colors: chocolate, red, beige, white, gray, white, gray, white, black, tiger, etc.. White cats may have blue eyes.

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