LaPerm – very active breed.

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LaPerm  breed is a unique combination of curly hair and  warm personality. Nobody can deny the lovLaPerm – very active breed.e and affection that LaPerm breed cats  tumble on the owners, not to ignore the curly or wavy hair that is so interesting race.

Kitten who presented first signs of the original mutation which was the basis for this breed among domestic cats came from “the barn”. In 1982,  in a farm in Oregon, situated near an old fishing and hunting in Wishram Indians, six kittens were born  from a barn cat. One kitten was born completely bald-totally different from her mother and brothers. Although it had a bit of fur, the cat had huge ears and a pattern for his stature “blueprint” of the skin, which copy a classic tabby pattern. By the age of eight weeks the kitten began to grow a very soft and curly hair. Between 3 and 4 months, kitten, named Curly, has grown a full  created coat .Not being very experienced  about his  cats, the owner and does not beat too much his  head with the “mutant”.

Morphological traits.

The hair coat that forms the maxiLaPerm – very active breed.mum degree of wrinkled cats present on the underside of the body on the neck and the ears. Long hair is completed, in general  they have a wave and bushy tail. The coat is moderately soft like texture, however,  the fur of  every cat is unique in its way. Short coat type is more textured than the long coat. LaPerm Cats of race can be in any coat color or pattern recognition. Some kittens can be born without hair, but most have a short hair and curly or right at birth. Often, the kittens can be quite keys, or your hair may fall in some regions, up to several weeks. This process begins, usually when the kittens are two weeks, they can be in various stages of the absenceLaPerm – very active breed. of hair. In general, the fur is always regained created if the cat was born with curly hair.

Character and behavior

LaPerm cats are gentile and affectionate, but very active. Unlike  of many active breeds, LaPerm is quite satisfied with his sedentary cat. LaPerm will always prefer to settle near the master if it does not feel like playing. These cats look human company and start spinning as soon as I feel their presence. By their nature, are intrusive and cats will always know what is happening around them. They like to touch the front master with his paws and rub the head of the master, neck or face. Very cute cats LaPerm nature captivates all those who meet. LaPerm starts spinning as soon as he sees his master and loves to sit in your lap and be caressed.

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