Law absurdities

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I prepare for you some lawLaw absurdities absurdities which are associated with cats. Some of them are really funny.

French Lick Springs, Indiana – black cats have to wear little bells on Friday the 13th

Madison, Wisconsin – people who are divorced can’t take care of cat together. Cat’s owner is person who had cat at the beginning of separation.

Barber, North Carolina – battles between dogs and cats are forbidden

Ventura County, California – cats are not allowed to have sex without a permit

Cresskill, New Jersey – cats have to wear three bells to warn birds about cat’s attendance

Zion, Illinois – it is unlegal to give your cat lifting cigarette

Columbus, Georgia – cats are not allowed to howl after 21 o’clock

Topeka, Kansas – you break a law if you have more than five cats

Shorewood, Wisconsin – one family can have only two cats

Reed City, Michigan – you can’t have cat and bird in one home

Those interesting law absurdities are very funny but you have to remember that if you are in those places you have to abide by the law. Punishment can be very high for you so it is necessary to look after what your cat do.

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