Maine Coon – intelligent cat’s breed

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Although controversy still exists on its origin, it is certain that the race is set for more than a century on American Maine Coon – intelligent cat’s breedearth .One  of the variants consider that  this race would come from cats shipped in the U.S. by Marie Antoinette, who suffered  changes over the time, as a result of  the conditions from this continent.

Morphological traits.

Maine Coon cat is a large breed, weighing 5 kg can reach the female, and 7 kg by the male .The body is very solid, muscular, strong , long and round, which threads between the hair fingers .With all this massive growth, is still make a graceful movement and it shows  exterior elegance .The back is strong, wide, well dressed in muscles, which have the relevance of a born  hunter .The tail is medium length and is very bushy .  The cape of the cat has a suitable width, round cheekbones and placed in superior zones .The ears are large, proportional, with rounded tops and worn straight .The chin is strong and the front-nasal line presents a slightly lower area. The eyes are well developed, large, open, Maine Coon – intelligent cat’s breedoval, bright and with a variety of colors, predominantly yellow and green .No matter the color of the eyes , they must be in perfect harmony with  the robe .The hair is medium length, often and shiny, silky texture and smooth. In shoulder length, hair length is lower compared with the rest of the body .The colors are numerous and of these, 25 are provided in standard, which  also  added  a variety of combinations.

Character and behavior.

It is an intelligent cat breed, gentle, affectionate and playful, it is at the same time very sly, if not too harsh. Risen more inside the house, extremely rare wants  to leave, but she keeps a very good taste for hunting, consideration for which we  don’t want to  give her the opportunity to give the eye with birds or small mammals, that have every right to fear. Maine Coon – intelligent cat’s breed

Maine Coon cat is a breed that adapts well to home life, but will feel better if we could give him a house with garden and some of the spectacular trees .She likes to climb and  will not be any surprise if we see the cat on  cabinets or other furniture  items . They are reserve towards strangers and  very well attached  to family members, of whom choose one that she prefer more. Late race, the cat born only 2-3 kitten , which generally differentiates clearly between them.


As pointed out above in this race there is a wide range of colors that are generally accepted, with the mention that they have to meet  the standard requirements

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