Many cats in one home.

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Some people decide to have more than one cat in home. It is known that cats have a big adaptation abilities, so in result they can live with owner and another cats. Only owner choose amount and breed of cats. In this situation cat relate only necessary tolerance, which can be disturbed quickly.

Researches in United Kingdom  show that cats living in home with other cats more often have different problems with peeing  outside cuvette, marking territory and aggression. More cats cause that frequency of those problems is bigger.  Often people don’t notice that cats fight the battle.

What to do to decrease risk of confrontation between your cats ?

Here some tips for you :

Many cats in one home.

– You have to provide living space for every cat which is separated from other cats

–  Should be one  cuvette more than amount of cats. Cuvettes should be in different places in home.

–  Above-mentioned concern also dishes with food

– You should avoid choosing cats with extremely different temperaments and breeds. Some of cats like : bengal cat, siamese cat, burmese cat should not live at home with other cats, especially with different breeds.

– You should play with your cats, because it relieves the stress  and tension.

If you want have more cats it is better to choose cats from one  litter. Risk of conflict is smaller.

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