Oriental cat breed with great personality

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Oriental cat breed with great personalityOriental cat is actually a Siamese with different color fur and green eyes. The form and the temperament  are identical with the ones in Siamese cat . Oriental breed was created by crossing a breed of cats of  Siamese breed with cats from other breeds,  to produce different colors of Siamese. Black Siamese is one of the oldest types of cats but only in 1950 began to make efforts to change the color of the first race. Havana was the first Oriental cat champion who won the status of the exhibitions for cats.

Morphological traits:

Oriental cats of breed standards are the same as for Siamese cats, regardless of color or type. They are medium sized cats, but appear to be more cumbersome than they actually are. In fact, Siamese and oriental short hair are practically the same race. Oriental short hair was createdOriental cat breed with great personality as desired characteristic  Siamese signs  distribution throughout the body. The first step in getting new breeds of cats were crossing twins in  one color  flexible specimens . The result came soon: a cat like Siamese, but  with no specific  Himalayan model. The head, of medium size, form a perfect equilateral triangle beginning at the nose and the ears, increased gradually, with straight lines, without hollow pear trees in the right touch. Profile is elongated and straight, slightly convex and without stop. The ears are large, broad based and distance.  She needs to be fed 80 kcal / kg / day. Under no circumstances, the Oriental cat should not be fat.

Oriental cats have  specific breed health problems. An annual inspection is recommended, however, since the age of eight years for  checking liver and functioning kidneys, as well as for cleaner teeth.

Character and temperament:

Oriental cat breed with great personalityAs Siamese ,the Oriental cats  are intelligent cats, curious ,who know how to make known their presence. They like to “talk” with their human companions and always expect a reply. They want to be part of the family and they love to play. Oriental Cats inherited from twins not only look, with the Siamese  but also  have their temperament. Like Siamese cats, the Oriental  are very “talkative”. Once you arrive home full of enthusiasm  you will be welcomed at the door and she  will tell you what she have done. If you are late and she  will argue with you, “saying” that she was  worry because  you were not given any phone. Eastern has a colorful personality. They are  very attached to people and want desperately to share life with them.

Short and glossy coat Oriental cats do not require very much care, but it is better to grant them from time to time carefully, because this makes them very happy.


The most interesting thing to Oriental, besides their great personality, is that  they are known in over 300 different colors and designs. Shepherd sheds hair very little.

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