Painting cats is a new trend.

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Painting cats is a new trend.

What does luxury life mean? People, who are rich, spend money on new cars, new               homes, new yachts, traveling and … painting their cats. Probably you have  heard about tattooing and piercing dogs, but painting cats is a new trend.  It is popular among rich people. Single painting costs about about $15,000. What is important it must be repeated at every two or three months, what means that cat owner have to assign about $60,000 for colorful cat. It is too high price for normal  people.

What do you think about it ? Do you want to have a colorful cat? Look for piPainting cats is a new trend.ctures and think about it.  In my opinion, people who treat animals in this way, don’t have the heart. Painting cats should be forbidden and penalty should be high. People can paint picture, but why animals? I couldn’t understand it.   Cats are not a things, but  living being.

In USA another way to prettify cats is buying wigs. Some people say that wings are beautiful, but in my opinion it is redundant addition for cat’s fur. Animals with wings look strangely. I am sure that it is uncomfortable to have something like that on head. Think about your cat and don’t do it. Cats are beauty and don’t need it.

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