Persian is a very calm breed.

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Persian is a very calm breed.From the beginning, Persian cat breed is undeniable the favorite race of breeders and also the most represented in the exhibition. His name is not only an indirect indication of the origin of the breed. Indeed, alludes to one of her ancestors, Turkish Angora, which transmitted the gene responsible for his famous long hair. If we know that angora comes from the border area between Turkey and Iran, we  would better understand the “Persian”  name chosen to promote the breed that is  originated here.

Morphological traits.

Persian cat is a medium-sized to large cat, which should facilitate  a perfect type cat. Thus, it is find a massive body, a broad chest, short limbs, with strong bones, feet round and pretty flat. The tail is proportional to body length, and mostly not thin. Cape is a cornerstone of what breeders call  it type. It is massive. The standard requires are a  round face, a wide jaw and a well developed chin. Numerous Persian today have more than one rectangular face round.

The ears are in line with the body, meaning small, rounded, placed quite low and very far apart. The eyes are big, round Persian is a very calm breed.and away.

The nose is the detail that has caused most controversy lately. All standards require a short and wide nose, and a well marked stop. However, in the interpretation, American breeders have adopted an extreme attitude, some going to say that a pure  Persian breed cat should not have noses. Extreme version is, as it is noted, the variety of cat Pekingese over which the nose is almost nonexistent and there is so high concave area between the two eyes and nostrils situated on both sides of the snout.

Besides typology, fur is a second important feature of Persian. It should be thick and long on the surface of the entire body: 10-20 cm on average, especially in the collar which covers the neck and chest. The hair on the tail should be very thick. Texture should be silky and very fine.

Character and behavior.

Persian cat is calm, very discreet. He likes physical inactivity and is well suited to apartment life. However the usual small Persian appreciate outdoor life, which behaves like any other cat of European type. In terms of reproduction is different from oriental Persian. Thus, later female puberty: on average 12 months. Pregnancy, generally of 3-4 kittens. It is important to note that tPersian is a very calm breed.he breed is prone to difficulties during parturition, because of round, thick head of newborn kittens. Thus, death at birth is higher in Persian than in other races. It requires close supervision of exhibition parturition. Unlike other races  semi long hair and angora, Persian is a down longer, dense and fine. This feature is an important element of the aesthetics of the breed, but is also a big problem. Persian adult  should be brushed daily .


Persian belongs as British and oriental short hair, in those races that are found in the entire range of possible varieties. Recognition of new varieties, slow until 1970, has picked up more. International Federation of cats, which recognizes only 13 varieties in 1938 and about 23 in 1980, recognizes 150 ten years later .This evolution is rampant because the number of these variations result from the simple combination of  already known variations

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