Problem with litter box.

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It is well known fact  that cats like cleanness. So  why your  cat piss outside litter box? In many cases it means that something wrong is happening.  Below we  show probably solutions :


Your cat can suffer from diseases which are associated with alimentary canal and urinary canal or other diseases like cystitis, nephritis or  diarrhoeas . Maybe pissing cause pain and  toilet for cat is the symbol of suffering. So cat avoid this place.

litter box

Litter box is very important thing which should provide  your cat comfort . It is necessary to choose a right litter box.

Problems with litter box:Problem with litter box.

– too small

– unsuitable type

Some cats don’t like closing litter boxes

– dirt

– wrong place where litter box is situated

– amount of  litter boxes is too small

The main rule : amount of litter boxes=amount of cats +1

– unsuitable type of gravel

– bad couplings with litter box


Stress can be associated with following situations: removal,  someone new  or something  new dissapear or appear in home ( new cat, child birth, someone died), beating cat, shortage of time for your cat, change of diet,  misunderstandings between cats and other.

You should observe your cat and give love and patience. It helps, but don’t  remember about visiting vet.

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