Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game with a simple task and almost impossible mission. You will navigate a character trying to penetrate into the house of his neighbor and find out his secret. The reason for such interest is vague. But if you complete the mission, you will win. Otherwise, the powerful AI navigating your opponent will win. You are suggested to play from a first-person perspective trying hard to succeed.

Taking a detached view

As to the design, I’d say it is controversial being bright in colors and, at the same time very dark at half-light. The neighbor known as Mr.Peterson looks like a normal man with a mustache, but he behaves in a somewhat bizarre way. Moreover, you will hear the noises from his house, and they suggest you find out about their nature. The house you will get in or try to get in is full of various stuff being a little bit messy. When you start, it will be small, that is why you will find it rather difficult to avoid the neighbor. While you are progressing, you will get the larger basement with more space to hide. The controls are not difficult to understand but complicated to master. You should think twice, respond instantly to the neighbor’s actions, and that aside the task will not be as easy as it seems because the artificial intellect learns from your behavior.

Lots of trials

The game comes with several levels, but even the first ones are complicated, providing tons of puzzles that are really difficult and illogical. You should be patient, trying again and again, regardless of numerous failures. The neighbor is smart and surveying. He manages to predict your solutions and always remains his step ahead of you. Here is the only thing that can be recommended – you should be persistent and tough. Or you can refuse to play because the title will continue to be illogical and difficult.

What’s good

  • The gameplay is challenging;
  • The powerful artificial intellect is a worthy adversary;
  • The replayability is rather high.

What’s not so good

  • There are lags;
  • The mechanics are poor;
  • The title is too complicated.

Frustrating difficulty

The title is interesting, but due to its poor mechanics, some moments can be annoying when you just cannot perform the task on the first try due to the unpolished controls. Also, the lack of instructions will make it troublesome to understand the way you should interact with the environment. Well, I’d say that you can try the title, but be ready for the above drawbacks.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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