Microsoft Excel allows you to create spreadsheets for various purposes, being very popular and almost the only of its kind. In general, it is used for arranging, analyzing the data, and making calculations.

Mobile version is almost the same

If you are involved in any business being a part of the front or back office in any capacity, you use this software in its desktop version with a high degree of certainty. The analog developed for mobile devices does not differ a lot, and that is convenient. The app is reliable and powerful, providing similar key functions allowing to create, view, edit, share and delete the Excel files. The design is good for small devices where the screen does not allow to see clearly the tiny details and small fonts. Enjoy the rich functionality when calculating prices, expenses or revenues on the go. It provides you with an accurate result.

Simple but complicated

When you use this app applying a couple of functions, it seems to be rather easy to compute data on Excel. But diving deeper, you will find it rather complicated. There is a long list of formulas that can be applied automatically by tapping the icon displayed on the toolbar on the top of the screen or entered manually into a functional bar. For instance, to sum up, you should apply the correspondent formula involving the cells containing the data you want to sum up. Regardless of the number of the cells and amounts mentioned in every highlighted cell, you will get an instant mistake-free result. But the basic knowledge is not enough. The app provides tons of tools for serious calculations. In addition, it allows formatting, converting numbers into a text, building the diagrams, managing the charts. And that can be quite a challenge to master. But you should try to take the most out of the app, if there is a need, of course. The content can be deleted, added, and edited.

What’s good

  • There are plenty of well-thought features of various kinds;
  • There is a free guide for beginners;
  • The calculation is absolutely accurate.

What’s not so good

  • There are macro features that cannot be undone;
  • The rare crashes are possible.

Powerful tool for spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is an application you should install without hesitation, not least because there are no free analogs of such a high level of quality. It will help you to create a business plan or any other financial or marketing reports with tables and drafts. The content is printable and can be changed at any moment.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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