Fortnite 2 is about the spies being arranged in a totally different way compared to the origin. Be ready to get the new experience with the familiar surroundings. The game comes with a bright new atmosphere and excitement. If you expect to see the old style, you will miss it playing this game.

It looks different

If you have played the original release, you will feel the difference at first sight. You do not see only the Battle Pass screen. Now there is the room packed with various goodies, and you are expected to explore it. Forget about the daily challenges and start to perform daily assignments displayed on a billboard. Of course, you will be involved in battles, searching for and collecting the items. There is a huge virtual map of the Fortnite island, which is almost intact but comes with new locations and three rooms: Deadpool, the Agents, and Maya. The title introduces two competing factions. You should decide which one to join – Shadow or Ghost. In general, the cast is diverse. You can choose among the familiar and new characters, customize them and, as a result, get almost unique heroes.

Playing is breathtaking as always

There are menus that should be unlocked to customize the characters. When you succeed in completing the suggested challenge, you can select any items there. The title comes with the deepest gameplay ever. Here you can battle against powerful bosses which are rather challenging to win. If you manage to do it, you get nice rewards. There are also the Secret passages where you can escape from the fights. There are thrilling Spy Games being a new mode which will bring a lot of fun. Also, you will get so many items increasing replayability by several times. The Fortnite 2 is addictive and full of surprises, and what is rather important it does not look completely the same. You can play alone or with friends.

What’s good

  • The balance between challenges and rewards are perfect;
  • The powerful multiplayer is available;
  • The sounding and visuals are very nice.

What’s not so good

  • It is focused on teens mostly;
  • The game comes with fewer cosmetics.

In its own way

The release is fun and full of fresh ideas, but there are controversial moments. Thus, if you are a fan of this title, you can feel that Season 2 is a little bit poorer compared with the origin. Still, I’m sure it should be tried. You will like it even if with less passion – but this is only my opinion.

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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