Garry's Mod is an amazing physics sandbox of 2004, providing you with endless challenges and goals. The developer suggests you apply the numerous tools and play with them just as you want. There are almost no rules and restrictions. Perhaps, that is a reason for its continuing popularity and the strong community around it.

Sandbox and more

Here there is no story. Well, you can find causes and effects in some modes, but at a fundamental level, there are no reasons at all. You will take all that you see and use these elements to create something even without a clear understanding of the technical details. You are not required to have any particular construction skills. Do as you think it should be, even if the solutions are silly – never mind. Build rockets, cars, weapons and much more. The game is available offline. It unites thousands of players all over the world, forming a vast community. The other players create their mods, and you can download them to try, but here you can face the problem connected with a lot of space they take. This game may require a lot of gigabytes.

Is it worth playing?

That is for you to decide whether you should spend your precious time on this title. But you should know that it is a tremendous source of content. You will see the widest range of modes that are added from time to time. The basic ones are the Sandbox and Trouble in Terrorist Town. You can switch between them. In Sandbox, you explore the world around, using a diverse map. While playing in the latter mode, you will cooperate with other players trying to eliminate the traitors who are trying to kill all of the other players. But you do not know who exactly are the traitors. Such gameplay brings a lot of fun. The art style is realistic, and if you want to enjoy it to the most extent, you'd better have a powerful device. Of course, graphics are quite dated compared with today's technologies. But the updates remove this drawback partially.

What's good

  • There is rich content.
  • Two control schemes are effective and very simple.
  • There are mods.

What's not so good

  • There are poorly made mods that make the game crash.
  • There is no music.

A game within a game

This is a title with the strongest lasting appeal due to the vast community creating new mods. The stuff will be added constantly, and the tools are very diverse. You can play online and local multiplayer, create and destroy the things you have created. Definitely, the game is able to make memories.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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