Minecraft is a sandbox game for entertainment and learning. This release is designed for mobile devices and can be tried on the go. You are suggested to play solo or in groups, if you prefer multiplayer. It is addictive in both variants. Avoid being overinvolved!

Pocket Edition with its virtues

First, you should know that the title comes with building mostly, but there are also battle scenes when the key character is fighting against monsters and other characters at night mostly. Thus, you will face little violence and inappropriate content. The cartoonish design reduces the effect of these moments, and you will not see any blood in the game even though you are to kill an animal or an enemy. Be sure that killing is not the key idea of the title. Here you will be focused on building your environment using the elements reminding LEGO blocks of various sizes and shapes. The app is full of features you can find in the desktop version. The building mechanics is even better here. You will admire those bright colors, reflections and shadows, making the world very natural.

Is it engaging?

The title is superb. To start with, you should create your avatar. Then, you will get the extended map packed with resources like gold, diamonds, rock, and others, which should be mined and picked up. You are expected to craft tools and erect the buildings. There are several modes. In the Creative mode, you have no limits. Just enjoy creativity. In the Survival mode, you are suggested to succeed under more complicated circumstances and protect your property form the raiders. There are a lot of things to do playing alone or with up to 4 friends. The replayability is very strong mostly because of the randomly generated map providing you with the additional areas to explore. There are a lot of missions and side challenges too.

What’s good

  • Lasting appeal is very strong, with three modes and a lot of challenges.
  • You can benefit from powerful parental controls.
  • The content is child-friendly without much violence.

What’s not so good

  • It is very addictive.
  • Compared to the desk version, you will not get frequent updates.

The deepest gameplay ever

The game is worthy and full of useful and engrossing activities. It allows creating a splendid world with your own hands. All players will make their unique worlds applying their imagination and creativity. In addition, the title teaches to communicate and solve various social tasks.

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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