Monument Valley 2 is an indie puzzle game that is full of surprises and splendid visuals. This is the sequel to the origin released in 2017 – three years after the first success. It comes with striking level design and nice music. Be ready to start off for a brief but breathtaking journey around the strange but friendly and beautiful world.

Concept of the game

You are supposed to assay your powers passing through 14 chapters of the game – here you have 4 chapters more compared to the first release. And though this title continues longer, still the gameplay is short. You can choose one of the two characters to play with. There are Ro and her daughter. You can navigate even both of them simultaneously. The basic concept is about finding the way through the unusual architectural patterns with plenty of stairs, levels, windows, passages, and so on. The buildings are unique, beautiful, and colorful. If you succeed, you will progress through the levels and get new routes with new buildings to explore. The title is designed in a perfect way with the eye-pleasing color scheme and fascinating sounding.

Is that difficult?

The game contains minimal isometric art with all those optical illusions. The environment you see at the moment just does not exist, as far as you can turn it as you think better to perform the task. The levels are different. You can find yourself in a flat surrounding or among the diverse levels. If you have ever seen the Escher paintings, you can imagine what I am trying to say. The puzzles are quite smart, and you will definitely want to have some more of them, but the title is short, unfortunately.

What’s good

  • It comes with breathtaking landscapes;
  • The suggested puzzles are smart and intuitive;
  • The story is emotional and interesting.

What’s not so good

  • The gameplay is rather short;
  • The price is too high for such a simple and brief title.

Marvelous puzzles and visuals

This puzzle game is not only about progressing through the levels with quite complicated challenges. It comes with a nice story about parenting. You will guide a mother and her daughter through unusual buildings solving the smart puzzles connected with Sacred Geometry. You will interact with an impossible world. I like this title and recommend it to try. It does not bring any tension regardless of the quite complicated tasks. Just relax and enjoy the developer’s fantasy with an odd and tricky environment.

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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