Subway Surfers is a free runner with additional features making it more engrossing and diverse compared to the analogs developed in this genre. The game will bring a lot of fun without many reasons for it, meaning that it is a simple runner, but its visuals, side missions and a lot of powers-up to collect create some tension and make you get involved in it for a long time.

Formula of the title

You are suggested to navigate the character running along with a set of subway tracks. The goal is to get as far as you can. There are various side tasks, like picking up coins on the path. Also, you will meet a range of obstacles that prevent you from continuing. There are various barricades, trains, tunnels and so on. The tracks are full of surprises, and you should not be interrupted by them. There are also power-ups for improving your score. Some of them allow earning coins while others are able to increase your running speed, and as a result, you will manage to improve the score. There are the ones that do not earn any coins but distract you from running when you pause to collect them. The game comes with a range of side missions. If you complete them, you’ll get rewards. You can share your scores via the Game Center social network, though you do not have to. Also, there are in-app purchases, but you can do it without them.

Well-designed and well-arranged

The title is technically superb. The visuals are very nice, coming in the vivid colors and slightest details. The animated characters look in a cute way. The controls are responsive, allowing you to navigate the character easily swiping left or right if you want to switch between the available tracks. Or just keep moving forward, tapping the power-ups on your way. Even if there are not any particular features and elements here, Surfers is still well developed and can be used to spend some time on this endless runner.

What’s good

  • There are challenging missions, powers-up, obstacles making the game more interesting;
  • The controls are comprehensive;
  • There are in-app purchases to speed up the process;
  • The title has an entertainment value.

What’s not so good

  • It comes without much introduction.

Nothing particular

The plot is almost absent, and that is natural for runners. You will run all the time avoiding traps and overcoming the obstacles, jumping and sliding, collecting coins and power-ups along the tracks. This is a nice time-killer with colorful visuals.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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